Just the other day while I was sitting in church I was overcome with this feeling that I was not doing enough to create lasting memories of my life.  I don't really know why I started thinking about that, it was not the topic of the sermon, it just came over me.  I could not get it out of my head for the whole service.  I finally had to take out my phone and make a note to myself to remember to explore the idea later. 

After thinking about it for a few weeks I started to wonder.  If I had a documentary film crew with me every day of my life, what would they use for the slow motion replay?  It's a fun question to ask yourself when you get home from work.  "What did I do today that is worthy of reliving in slow motion?"  It may not be much, or it maybe everything.

Slowing it Down

For most of my life, I have been focused on the big picture.  Ask anyone who knows me, "I got plans".  How to get from here to there, and how to get there as fast as possible.  I know what I want to achieve and when I want to achieve it, and once I achieve it I'm moving on to something else.

What I have also realized is that no matter how fast or hard I work, some things just take the time to happen.  It's like God's way of saying "hey buddy, look up and take notice before it is all over".  After all, what's the point of getting to the end, if you did not have any great memories of how you got there.

Just this last weekend, on Fathers Day.  I told Lindsey that all I wanted to do for fathers day was to watch the US Open. Not a huge request. Just a little me time, with the world's best golfers.  No big deal.

Lindsey decided to run to errands with Caroline while leaving Greyson at home to take a nap.  As nap time approached, Greyson was not interested in going to bed.  I tried a few times to rock him to sleep, but nothing was working.  I was growing frustrated until finally, I gave up and took Greyson back downstairs to watch golf.   We watched golf for 5mins together with him on my chest and he was asleep.

After 45mins of holding Greyson, I tried to put him down on the couch.  Unfortunately, my technique was not great and he woke right up screaming.  As everyone knows screaming during golf is bad, especially at home on Fathers Day.  So I was back to holding him again.  And again he went back to sleep quickly.

So there I was holding Greyson, watching golf, and frustrated that I could not move on to the next thing.  The next thing, of course, being, watching golf without holding a baby.  I was missing the moment.  Probably the last fathers day Greyson or Caroline would sleep in my arms while watching golf.  I was missing all of it.  Too wrapped up in thinking about what I wanted to happen, and not living what was happening.

The Replay

Thanks to technology we can actually relive our lives in slow motion.  The Apple iPhone even allows you to edit your videos with slow motion effects right on the phone.  Unfortunately, the camera crew had the day off, so no one was around to capture the moment.  Just something I will have to remember.  That's probably why I am writing it down for all to read.  As the say, take the time to smell the roses.  It really helps you remember how sweet life is.