Property Management

Why Hire A Property Manager?

If you own investment property you have probable gotten the 2am phone call about water backing up in the house. That is not any fun. Why not hire a property manager to take that call for you. Read more…

Buying an Investment Property

Investing is Real Estate is one of the best long term investments.  In fact the return is so good that many people live off of their investment income.  Before you invest in Real Estate there are things you need to know.  Let Neuhaus Realty Group show you.

Does your Landlord Policy protect you for WRONGFUL EVICTION?

Texas renters have rights! Take time to review Section 92.0081 of the Texas Property Code. Make sure you have taken the appropriate steps and provided written notices to your tenant in an eviction. 

Owners Portal

Property Owners can find all there financials here.  Login and see how your properties are doing.  Download reports and print straight form your desktop 24 hours a day.  If have lost your login information please call us and we will be happy to help.  Login here…

Realtor Referral Program

Realtors can make big money by referring there Property Management clients to Neuhaus Realty Group.  We know that most agents are not allowed to do property management so we do the work for you.  Find out more about our referral program.  Read More…

Apply Now!

Thinking about renting one our properties.  Click here and apply now!  Answer all the questions and you will be well on your way to renting one of our homes.  We will pull your credit and back ground check and let you know if you qualify.  Apply here…

Neuhaus Realty Group can help you

Property Management is not something you want just anyone doing for you.  The legal and financial pitfalls are numerous and navigating though them takes experience.  Most Realtors do not want to have anything to do with Property Management.  Neuhaus Realty Group is different.  We have the experience to handle your Management needs.

Most investors only own a single investment property.  Because of this they lose out on the economies of scale that larger investors enjoy.  This is one way Neuhaus Realty Group can help you.  We manage many properties and because of that we can get discounted services with many of our vendors.  That allows us to pass the saving on to you.

Have you ever gotten a call at 2am about the leak under the kitchen sink?  Why answer the phone at 2am.  Let Neuhaus Realty Group take that call for you.  We answer the phones and take care of the problems so you don’t have to.  Go on vacation with out worry that something will happen to your property.

Ever wish you did not have to do all the accounting for your properties?  Let us do it for you.  We have all our books online available for you 24 hours a day.  You can see who has paid, when they paid, and how much we are spending on maintenance all with a click of a mouse.  You can make or receive payments electronically, see background and credit checks of prospective tenants, and get your tax statements all from our Owners Portal.

Neuhaus Realty Group really should be your Property Manager.  We understand that it is not just about leasing and rent collection.  Our job is to help maintain and grow your assets.  Call us today and see how we can help.