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Join Neuhaus Realty Group!

If you made it this far you must be asking yourself, why would I want to join Neuhaus Realty Group? Good question! As a new firm, we don’t have a big office or a fancy full color handbook. We don’t even have a yearly sales convention. I know, “how do they manage?”

All kidding aside, those items cost you money, a lot of money. We have looked at many of the top programs in the area and have devised our own system that will set us a part.

We believe that it is important to train to our agents, allow them to grow into the agents they want to be, and provide them the back office solutions that will help them succeed.

Call us today and to lear more!  We can provide any or all of the services listed below and with no fees.  Just a simple commission split.  70/30 for new agents and 80/20 for those agents who have 10 or more transactions under their belt.  It’s as simple as that. No monthly fees, no E/O fees.  Just a simple split.  We man money only if you may money.

Some of what we can offer

  • Signs, Lockboxes, Free Copies
  • 24 hour Broker Support
  • Virtual office
  • Cloud file management
  • Free website and SEO
  • High Definition Video Production
  • High Definition Video Home Tour
  • Free Training
  • Free Electronic Signature
  • Free cloud based, Email, Calendar, and contact solution.