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Ever wonder if what you are hearing on the news is really happening in with Austin home sales?  On this page you will find all the Austin home sales data we can find.  This data is updated daily and it is a very good source for Austin home sales info.  We have built some reports for you, but please feel free to build your own report customized to where you live.

Our graphs can’t tell the whole story, make sure to review your custom Austin home sales Market Snapshot report. This custom report is key to understanding the real estate market. Or Market Snapshot is just that, a snapshot in time of recent Austin home sales. For a more detailed understanding of the market please contact our office and speak with one of our trained REALTORS.

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Austin Home Sales custom report

Find out exactly what Austin home sales in your neighborhood are looking like.  Quickly customize a report to match your homes criteria.  Get updated monthly on what Austin home sales are like in your area.  Clink on image below.

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Sales Data

Condos are different enough from single family homes that we thought we would separate them from the Austin sales data.  Click on image below to see the updated Austin Condo sales data

Austin Home Sales | Market Snapshot

Austin Single Family Homes

Sales Data

This is just single family sales data.  No condos, no multi-family.  Just the bread and butter of the market.  The largest section of Austin sales data.  Click on image below for more info.

Austin home sales | single family homes


Sales Data

This graph show how all the duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes have been faring in the last year.  Click on image for more info.

Austin home sales | multi family




Austin Home Sales Data by Zip Code

Total Sales

Zip Code Total Sales Single family sales Muilti-Family Sales Condo Sales Average days of market Price Reductions Property Quick Search 78701 Total Sales