Michael Pushkin

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Mobile: 713-907-3911

Office: 713-493-7528

Fax: 713-422-2554

Email: Michael@NeuhausRE.com

The business stuff:

Growing up, I was always able to negotiate. It was a specific outlook that allowed me to see perspectives that other people weren’t thinking about. As a result, I was usually able to get what I wanted out of life. Just before I graduated, I got into radio and over the years, developed great communications skills. I was dropped into environments that required turning perfect strangers into friends and helping everyone have a good time. Those skills are extremely valuable in the real estate world. As a Realtor, my job is to be knowledgeable and communicate on your behalf in order to negotiate the best deal for you.

I caught the bug when a Realtor was helping me look fo a house for myself. I got into real estate in 2005, and fell in love with it. Years later, I love it more than I did when I started! I started off in a boutique office that specialized in both residential leasing/listing and apartment locating. A few years later I branched off on my own to learn the rest of the industry. I now consider myself to be a specialist in both leasing and sales. Currently, I live in the popular Memorial Heights area and focus a lot of my attention on real estate in the Inner West Loop, Timbergrove, Oak Forest, Spring Branch & Memorial.

Just so you know, I gladly work non-traditional hours (i.e. after business hours and weekends). If you have a question in the evening, feel free to call, text or email!

The other stuff:

I’m what you might call a dog person. The one in the picture is my first (currently only) dog and her name is Dr. Scientist. She brightens up my day, every day. As I write this, she is under my desk taking a nap. I call her my little secretary. I am also a really big fan of technology! When I’m not practicing real estate you can bet that I’m doing something tech related. Currently, I have a funny little side project called MustacheStuff.com. It was an experiment that was started with friends to learn how to start an LLC, grow a business from scratch and start an e-commerce website. I also am a huge fan of Google’s Android platform for mobile phones. I currently have an app, called Mvite, being developed that will hopefully be released by May 2012! I have hopes that it will revolutionize the way people use mobile marketing. Also in the works is a Facebook app (although communication with the developer is going slowly).


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