About Neuhaus Realty Group

Ed Neuhaus

Ed Neuhaus Broker/Owner Cell: 512.922.7559 Office: 512.366.3270 Email Me Facebook Linkedin Skype Neuhaus Realty Group

  • Name: Ed Neuhaus Jr.
  • Title: Broker/Owner, Property Manager, Real Estate investor.
  • Age: 34
  • Favorite Sport: Sailing, Golf
  • Favorite place to eat: Red’s on South Lamar

Who am I really?

El Capitan is a nickname given to me years ago. This was just before or just after I was married. No, unfortunately it was not given to me by my wife. She has far better and worse things to call me. I sailed a lot a young man and I know a thing or two about sailboats. Maybe that is why I got the nickname. Maybe my nicknamers were thinking I was strong as a rock like El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. I hope it was because they thought of me as their leader.

I am el Capitan of our ship, Broker for our company, father of two, husband, sailor, drummer, soon to be pilot, and all around bad ass. Ok maybe that last part about the bad ass is too much. But hey, why not. BTW, did I tell you I want to be a pilot? no wait, really, I want to be a pilot. You know the guys who fly planes. (this would all be a lot better in a video soliloquy than in typed form, but use the tools you got right?)

Stephen Smith

Stephen Smith Broker/Owner Cell: 512.565.1386 Office: 512.366.3270 Email Me Facebook Neuhaus Realty Group

  • Name:Stephen Smith
  • Title: Broker/Owner, Real Estate investor.
  • Age: 31
  • Favorite Sport:Tailgating, Hunting, Being on the Lake
  • Favorite place to eat: El Arroyo
I grew up in Georgetown, TX, just a stones throw away from Austin. I moved to Austin to attend UT and entered the real estate world as an intern in Horseshoe Bay in 2003. As I was performing different tasks around the office and for the agents, I quickly realized that I wanted to be an agent. Within a year of becoming licensed, I was managing the office, updating agents on the happenings in the real estate world and listing and selling homes! In 2006 I decided to buy a condo and move back to the great city of Austin where I was to continue working in real estate. Having worked for several top 25 companies in the area, I learned from many talented agents and decided it was time to get my Broker’s license and start my own company. As fortune may have it, I was college friends with Ed’s wife and we realized that we were very good at different parts of this business and that we complimented each other nicely. From this, a partnership was born. My goal is to bring honesty and logic to my clients during their home buying and selling process! When I am not helping a client or looking for smart, ethical agents to join our team, I enjoy serving the Austin Board of Realtors, being on the lake and networking! Most of the time, I like to combine at least 2 out of the previous 3!

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