I got the want-to’s

Do you ever get a case of the “want-to’s”?  It happens to me every summer about this point.  “I want to go to the beach”.  “I want to play in the pool all day”.  “I want to win the lottery and never have to go back to work”.  Do you get those?  I get those just about every day.  It is so nice how we have this thing called Facebook were we get to go and see everyone else living out our “want-to’s”.  Who do they think they are anyway, that was our dream, right?

I feel like I am 3 years old

No disrespect to 3 year olds, but I feel like one.  I feel like I should be laying on the floor screaming that I want something.  Don’t you think it is odd how a 3 year old wants to do anything they see someone else doing?  It’s like the other kids are always having more fun than them.  Kind of like Facebook.

Right now on my Facebook news feed there are 17 photos of kids on a beach, two REALTOR’s talking about the deal they just closed, one woman upset with a politician, and the rest are ads.  Or maybe they are all just ads.  I know those kids on the beach secretly want me to be hanging out with there parents right now.  “Wish you were here”  But not really,  if you were, who would look at our Facebook photos.Sailor Ed Neuhaus

I got it bad, really bad.  All I do all day is look at homes that either I want to buy or I want my good friends to buy, just so I can hang out in the pool.  It’s what I get paid to do.(1)  It is like a drug that makes your feel hopeless and yet inspired all at the same time.  Hopeless maybe because we are not there yet, but inspired at what is possible.

Are we there yet?

I hate the word “there”. or is it “their”?(2)  When I sit back and think about it, all my want to’s are really, am I there yet’s.  Ok that was way to complicated.  This would be much better in a video.  Let try that again.(3)  Most of the things I want to do, or what to have, will come along at some point.  My “want to’s” becomes “there yet’s”.  Have I done them yet, do I have it yet?  It is much more relaxing to believe you can do everything and have everything at some point.  You just don’t get to have/do it right now.


For some reason contentment keeps coming up in group discussions in my life.  I am pretty sure it is God’s way of tell me something, but it is so hard to hear.  I have been to a lot of beaches, but the water is always bluer on the beach my friends are on right now.(4)  That’s what makes contentment so hard.  I have been to some amazing beaches, but right now im not on any of them.  I have seen some amazing things in my life, but lately, not so many.  It is hard to be content outside the moment.

I have worked very hard to make it this far.   But every time an achievement is made, I look to the next step and wonder what is my next “there yet”.  I guess I am just hamster in wheel going round and round wondering if we are there yet.  If anyone should be content, it should be me.  It could be a lot worse, right?  I wish there was button I could push for just a little bit more contentment.(5)

What helps you feel content?  Comment below and let me know what you do to help be at peace with your “want t0’s”


  1. Sell homes, not hang out in a pool..  But that is something to aspire too.
  2. I know which one I should be using, but really I stopped caring just about the same time I learning “PH” and “F” have the same sound.  Who created english anyway?  I bet it was those guys who work for the IRS and create the tax code.
  3. Yes I know I have a delete key, but what fun is that.
  4. Don’t beaches always look bluer on Facebook?  Do you think they have some crazy blue filter they put on those photos.
  5. HA!  A button to push to get more contentment with life, talk about a hamster wheel

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