The iPHONE is the only camera you need

About once a week I see a new post about which cameras REALTORS should buy.  Heck I have written them myself, check out Top 4 Cameras for REALTORS.  But really, you don’t need these cameras to get a great shot.  The only camera you really need is your iPHONE.  Camera technology has come a long way since the early days of digital camera.  I had one for the first digital DSLR cameras the Cannon EOS D30.  It was state-of-the-art at that time.  But sadly for me, the iPHONE takes way better pictures than that can camera ever could.

Why the iPHONE

Because I have one, and that is what I know.  But honestly, most camera phones would do just fine.  I know you are saying to your self, “But Ed… I need all those mega pixels to get a good shot!”.   “NOT TRUE”, I would say.  The iPHONE has an 8 Megapixel camera.  8 Megapixel’s is a resolution of 3264 x 2448.  That is almost double the available pixels on your computer screen.  So when your computer screen displays an 8 Megapixel image, it will have to combine two, three, or even four pixels from the image.  Already we can see that the iPHONE has way more mega pixels than we need.(1)Iphone Screen shot - Rule of Thirds

Second the iPHONE has this handy grid.  TURN YOUR GRID ON!  It is so helpful when using the grid.  It makes it really easy to level photos and it allows you to work on the “art” of photography.(2)  Ok so my sample photo to the right is of the screen it’s self and not the actually image so please don’t comment on quality.  But I wanted to show you how you can line up something like a doorway on one of the vertical grid lines and get a level photo.  Also, it is more visually interesting because we broke the image into thirds. 

Third, USE THE HDR.  Most nice digital cameras have an internal HDR setting.  This setting tells the camera to take two or more images and then combine them into one image.  If done well, the image that is produced will be closer to what you actually see with the human eye.  HDR balances out the shadows and highlights better than just taking one shot.  This is really handy when it comes to real estate photography.

F-Stop yourself before you wreck yourself

Before you go by a fancy camera, or any camera for that matter, ask yourself one question.  Do you know what an F-Stop is?  If you don’t know what an F-stop is, then you do not need to by a camera.  The only reason to buy a new camera would be to improve upon the photos the iPHONE can take (which are really good).  Don’t believe me, check out these photos taken with an iPhone.

Even if you know what you are doing and want to take “full control” of the iPHONE, there are apps that let you control every part of the camera.  Which really allow for some great shots.  So maybe the answer to your camera needs is to learn to use the iPHONE, (I mean camera) you got.  Just my two cents.



  1. But what if you want to print the photos.  Good question, check out this chart on B&H.  It shows you what megapixel you need to print what size.  As you can see, unless you are printing larger than 16×20 you should be good.
  2. The rule of thirds says if you place something interesting at the intersection of your grid lines it will make a better photo..  check out Wikipedia’s page on it.

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