iPhone 5 photography gadgets

iPhone 5 photography gadgets

Jul 15, 2013

I love my iPHONE 5. Ok not really love, it is great and all, but love should be reserved for family. So I really, really like my iPHONE 5. It does a lot for me, but the best part is, it takes photos and video. iPHONE photography is a whole class of photography to itself. And it is so cool, well all but the video taken in portrait and not landscape. They actually have a syndrome named for it.

Vertical Video Syndrome. You can see the PSA here.  Friends don’t let friends shoot vertical video.  But I digress.  The iPHONE has launched a whole new platform for apps that help you shoot better video and photos, to gadgets that help you as well.  So lets highlight a few of the gadgets we like the best.

iPHONE Lenses

Yes even the fancy iPHONE needs a pair of glasses from time to time.  Digital zoom is great, but some times you just need an extra piece of glass to really get the extra detail.  Several lenses systems have come out.  I am not really a fan of most of them because of the size.  I have seen the E-LV 4 in 1 iPhone 5 5G Camera Lens Kit, and the Chromo Inc.® 12x Telephoto Manual. But really have you seen those things? They are so big that it would be impossible or impractical to carry them around with you. Plus, and this may just be me, I almost never have a need for a long lens. I need wide angle if anything.

I am a big fan of the Olloclip 3-in-One Lens System (find it on amazon here). The olloclip is just the right size, it fits in your pocket and can be attached the camera in seconds. It has a macro, wide-angle, and fisheye. I hear they are coming out with a telephoto option, but again, that is not for me.  I like getting more in my photos than less.  I like context, I want to know what is next to the item I am shooting.

iPhone Grips, Holder ect.

Sometimes it is helpful to be able to hold the iPHONE still, like when shooting HDR or in low light.  So maybe you would need a way to attach it to a tripod.  There are several tripod mounts on the market, but I like to multi task my gadgets so I always look for two things in one.  Like the Steadicam Smoothee.  If you don’t know what a steadicam is, it is the devise that allow camera operators to run with the camera while it stays really smooth.  You have seen the shots in the movies and on ever NFL touchdown in the last five years.  So they make one fore iPHONE 4 and 5 which also comes with a tripod mount for the iPHONE.  Plus the steadicam smoothee make great home tour videos.  Check out a fun video I made below with the smoothee.

Steadicam SMOOTHEE – iPHONE 5
Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S

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