Tablets for Realtors

Business for realtors is not done in the office anymore.  I am not sure it ever was, but until recently, we still needed to retreat to the office to prepare our contracts and pull comps.  But now with the advent of tablets we can do all that on the run.  Tablets like the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy which we use here in our office have really allowed us to cut the cord.  These tablets are not the total answer to virtual real estate, but they do take us a long way.

Cutting the cord

For a while now Realtors have been using laptops and meeting clients out side of their office, but it was not until the iPAD came along with a 10 hour battery life that mobile computing really became practical.  I recall doing a lot of travel for work a few years back before the iPAD.  My computer at the time said it had a 6 hour battery, but it hardly made it though a flight, and I had to find a plug every chance I could.   Imagine trying to walk in and out of houses all day with clients and trying to keep your computer plugged in.

I know most REALTORS careers predate the iPAD, but really how did you do it?  All that running back to the office to write up contracts, sending them by carrier pigions to the other brokers.  That had to take days to get anything done.  With a Tablet like the Samsung Galaxy you can get done in hours which took days five years ago.


Signnow, docusign, rightsignature, and eco sign are just a few of the digital signature services that allow your clients to sign right on the tablet.  You never have to leave their side. The Samsung Galaxy does have a great pen, which Stephen Smith my business partner likes more than signing with your finger which you have to do on the iPAD. Either way, we get it done quickly and easily with out leaving the client.

Check back with us soon and find more helpful info on REALTOR tech toys that you need to work smarter.

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