YMBL Giving | Austin Sunshine Camps

YMBL Giving | Austin Sunshine Camps

Apr 10, 2012

Spring is here and the YMBL giving campaign is in full swing! This is the 99 year that the young men of the of YMBL have banded together to raise the funds to send central Texas children to the Austin Sunshine Camp. With support from our families and friends we can make a difference for a few children. This year our goal is to send over 1000 children to summer camp and give them one week that they will never forget.

I know many if not everyone reading this had the opportunity to go to summer camp at least once. Think of the memories you have of that time and consider helping us raise money to send these kids to camp. Neuhaus Realty Group is a proud to help raise money for these children. You can too. It costs $375 to send a child to camp for a week. Our goal is to raise enough money to send 10 kids to camp this summer. Donate money now!

Note from Ed Neuhaus

As a proud member of the Young Men’s Business League of Austin, I have committed myself to raise the necessary funds in order to make the efforts of Austin Sunshine Camps a reality to Austin’s low income, high potential youth. Since more than eighty-five percent of the ASC budget is applied directly to the programs, I know that I am making a difference. You can too. It costs $375 to send a child to camp for a week. My goal through this fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to send 10 kids to camp this summer.

  • Austin Sunshine Camps serves nearly 1,000 ethnically diverse children each year.
  • The programs are offered free of charge to low income children within the Austin community.
  • 71% of campers came from households with an annual income less than $23,050 (federal poverty line)
  • 43% of those incomes fall below $12,000 annually.
  • Since 2001, through the programs within Austin Sunshine Camps, 100 percent of all Leadership participants received a high school diploma!

I would love for you to consider teaming with YMBL in our efforts to raise funds for the Austin Sunshine Camps. Your donation will bring joy and success to hundreds of youth by providing them with the tools to flourish within their community and beyond. Can I count on your support?

Ed Neuhaus

About Ed Neuhaus

El Capitan is a nickname given to me years ago. This was just before or just after I was married. No, unfortunately it was not given to me by my wife. She has far better and worse things to call me. I sailed a lot a young man and I know a thing or two about sailboats. Maybe that is why I got the nickname. Maybe my nicknamers were thinking I was strong as a rock like El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. I hope it was because they thought of me as their leader. I am el Capitan of our ship, Broker for our company, father of two, husband, sailor, drummer, soon to be pilot, and all around bad ass. Ok maybe that last part about the bad ass is too much. But hey, why not. BTW, did I tell you I want to be a pilot? no wait, really, I want to be a pilot. You know the guys who fly planes. (this would all be a lot better in a video soliloquy than in typed form, but use the tools you got right?)

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