Top 17 Homes In Houston

What makes a home on of the Top 17 Homes In Houston?  Hard to say.  Is it the manicured lawns, the expansive hardscaping, maybe the location in a posh zip code?  Maybe all of the above.  One thing is for sure.  A lot of good oil money is parked in some really nice Houston real estate.  Many of these properties are breathtaking.   So breathtaking in fact, that they take the listing agents ability to formulate a decent property description right away.

On a recently listed 5.5 million dollar property the agent was so spellbound by the properties beauty, so mesmerized by the location that all they could write was the following.

Gorgeoous property bordering backside of Houston Country Club golf course.

Thats right “Gorgeoous”.  “Gorgeoous” is the amount of money that agent is making.  Spelling words incorrectly is my trick.  People point it out to me all the time, but never on a 5.5 million dollar listing.  Oh well, we can’t fault the house for the agents mistake.

Below are the Top 17 Houston homes, picked in list price order.  If you like viewing high end real estate, check out our other posts,Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in Austin, and Top 5 Dallas Homes.  Enjoy viewing, please comment on your favorites below.

[listings market=”harmls” listPrice=”2000000+” listingType=”residential” pageSize=”17″ grid_size=”2″ sortfield=”listPrice” sortorder=”desc” map=”1″]

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