Perfect House for a Zombie Apocalypse

Polish design firm, KWK Promes, has designed a house fit for a zombie apocalypse. The house itself lives in two different stages, open & closed. Or, as the deisgn firm likes to call it, Vulnerable and Safe. In its vulnerable stage, the house is very open and bright. One entire wall of the house is all windows letting all the light (and zombies) in. It’s not completely vulnerable though! The firm designed the motorway, in the front of the house, to become completely enclosed in Vulnerable Mode so that guests (invited or uninvited) have to be approved before getting any further into the property.

In Safe Mode, the 1.5′ thick shutters and sliding walls close to seal the house off from the rest of the world. In back, there is a 46′ x 20′ metal, roll-away door to close off the wall of windows. Oh yeah, did I mention there is a drawbridge?!? In Safe Mode, the only way to get into the house is on the second floor. You can reach the second floor by going up to the terrace, above the indoor pool. But if the drawbridge is up, no such luck, zombie…

Zombie Apocalypse House Photos

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