Communication in real estate is key

Recently Stephen and I have had the opportunity to bring on some more agents.  Some of them have been in the business for a while and others are brand new to the real estate world.  This has forced us to think back to when we were both new in the business.  Stephen tells the story of the first contract he wrote.  His broker at the time was only feet away, but offered very little help.  He was left to figure it out on his own.  Needless to say, when you are writing your first contract it would be good to have a little help.

In recent months we have been struggling with how to best provide this help to our agents who are located all over the state.  We have a great CRM, File management system, and a tons of resources at our disposal.  I have spent a lot of time putting all this in place because I know communication is key.  We don’t have to be in the same building everyday for me to be able to communicate with our agents.  The systems we built allow us to communicate on many different levels.

Communication Crash

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers: The Story of Success a few years ago.  In this book he spends a good amount of time talking about commercial plane crashes and the events leading up to them.  He says that the average plane crash is caused by 7 consecutive errors mostly contributed to bad communications in the cockpit.  44 percent of the time the two pilots have never flown together.  The flight deck on all commercial planes are built to be flown by two people.  The captain may be doing the maneuvering while the first officer communicates with ACT or sets up the auto pilot.

A real estate brokerage in a lot of ways is like the flight deck of these planes.  It is designed for more than one person to drive and operate fully.  Agents do the majority of the contract writing and the broker can help out where needed and offer advise.  Like a plane crash, one mistake in a transaction is typically not a big deal and can be over come.  Communication and team work between the broker and agent can easily help the agent avoid more mistakes.

Communication at Neuhaus

When Stephen and I started this company one goal we had was to not be a mega shop.  We wanted to know our agents and for them to know their brokers.  I hear all the time about agents who have never meet there broker.  I think it would be hard to develop good communication in the work place with out ever meeting someone.

Even though we are spread all over the state, it is important for our clients and our agents to know that we value communication. No question is too small to ask. We are always looking for ways to help our clients and agents grow.

Communication in Real Estate

I have recently come to realize that REALTORS don’t like talking to me on the phone.  Case in point, I submitted an offer just two days ago and have not heard from the agent.  I have called and emailed several times.  I assume my client did not get the house, because the house went pending.  But then again, maybe we did, without the agent answering their phone or returning an email who would know.

I was not planning on writing about other agents in the post until what happened above happened again.   I submitted an offer yesterday afternoon by email, I asked in the email for one of the two listing agents to respond to let me know they got the offer and when we can expect to hear back.   After repeated emails and phone calls, I still have heard nothing.  Twice in one week I have been left in the dark by members of my own profession who clearly do not value communication as I do.

Get to the point Ed! Stop communicating so much

That’s right, I am an over communicator.  If I call you and have a reason to leave a message, you better call me back.  I don’t go away. But on the flip side, you call or email me, I do call or email back.  Ok, 99% of the time.   If it was important for you to email or call me, It is important for me to call or email you back.

I want to know if you have any good or bad communication stories.  Post your comments below and let me know which professions are best and worst communicators.

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