The New iPad Overview

The New iPad Overview

Mar 7, 2012

Today for about two hours, the world came to a complete stop.  This is also known as the time when Apple made their BIG announcement.  Apple CEO Tim Cook graced the stage with a black untucked button up collared shirt and jeans.  He started the announcement by saying, “We have three post-PC devices: the iPod, the iPhone, and the iPad, the revolutionary device that defined a whole new category … it’s outstripping the wildest of predictions” and continues onto say “The momentum has been staggering. We sold 172 million post-PC devices, 76% of revenues.”

Before easing into the biggest of all announcements today (the new iPad) a release of the newest operating system was announced, iOS 5.1 will available later today. I’m not quite sure what enhancements that release entails as the news is still unfolding.

Apple TV is getting an overhaul with nice new clean icons, actually iPad like icons.  The new apple TV:  1080P will be nice, especially for viewers who prefer HDTV quality when watching TV.  It will feature new menus with top movies, a genius built in and it can even recommend movies for you.  The new Apple TV will be available on March 16, 2012 for the price of $99.

This bring us to the news everyone has been waiting for – the announcement about the newest iPad.  Tim Cook states,”We think the iPad is the poster-child of the post-PC world.”  He continues,“We’ve sold almost 15.5 million iPads last quarter alone. We sold more iPads in the last quarter alone than any PC manufacturer sold in their entire line. The iPad is showing up in peoples’ lives all around the world. Now, when we set out to create the iPad, we set out to create not just a new product, but a new category.”

After hearing all the new fancy features, the new iPad will offer an entire new level of functionality than any of the previous models.  The retina display rumor was confirmed for this new release which is the same technology found is the iPhone 4S.  You’ll find an enhancement to resolution with 2048 x 1536 pixels making it better quality resolution than most monitors utilized today. The new iPad 4G LKE  will have a new A5X chip (quad-core) will improve color saturation and provide better camera options allowing a display over a million more pixels on your iPad than on your HDTV.  Yes, it was finally confirmed the new iPad will be 4G and will work with AT&T and Verizon in the U.S. The optics sensor from the iPhone 4S (iSight camera) will be featured in the iPad LKE.  Another new enhancement is 1080P video recording.  A really cool update with the newest product launch is the 4G LKE which allows the iPad to become a personal hotspot for up to five other devices.  The new iPad supports LTE wireless technology (21Mbps HSPA+ & LTE radio capable of pulling down 73Mbps).  Wow!  4G LKE technology will make the iPad a trend setter in wireless technology.  If you missed out on purchasing a 4S, Apple announced Siri for iPad for Japan but it appears Dictation will be available on the new iPad (see below for explanation).  The new iPad will be 9.4 mm thick and weigh 1.4 pounds and the all-important claim: new iPad will have 10 hours of battery life. 9 hours on 4G.

Here are a few new exciting improvements for the

Apple TV

  • The new Apple TV will be out on March 16, $99 — read more

Application & Tool Updates

  • Dictation – write an email, send a text or even search the web with your voice.  Your spoken words become written words.
  • Autodesk is showing off Sketchbook Ink, vector-based drawing tool for the new iPad.
  • iWork updated for the new iPad and dates available today.
  • Garageband – Smart String and iCloud and something called Jam Session featuring an all new Garageband.  Jam Session will work via bluetooth to let others jam out together. It is competitively priced at $4.99
  • iMovie – you can now create movie trailers from an iPad.  Starting with a template, using the story board, recording video and playing back all without leaving the iPad.
  • iPhoto – It is finally here for the iPad.  You’ll enjoy smart browsing, multitouch editing, pro-level effects, brushes and photo beaming between devices.  Chris Taylor a staffer with Mashable stated, “powerful new brushes on the iPad, a hundred photo app makers just cried.”  The iPhoto album appears more like a bookshelf than an old school album with a super simple the editing interface.  A few new features allows users to press and hold photos to compare them to each other, gesture-based actions for finding best photos.  The iPhoto app makes albums and events look like books sitting on a shelf.  It appears the editing interface is quite a simple process.  Another hot topic relating to iPhoto is the images can be up to 19 mega-pixel. Super easy editing features such as touching part of the photo to adjust the contrast and saturation are features of the new iPhoto app.  I could go on for days about all the new cool features about the new iPad iPhoto app.  Chris Taylor a veteran journalist with Mashable questions “Did the iPad just become the default device for quick and easy photo editing? I think it did.”  Sadly I think Pete Pachal, one of Mashable’s technology journalists, said it best, “No need for Photoshop on iPad now. Apple loves to kick Adobe whenever it can.”  It appears the new iPhoto app will be available on the iPad 2, but that is still speculation.
  • Journal – is a new tool for sharing.  It creates layouts of the photos, captioned photos get larger spaces.  It lets the user tell a story with the photo.  It appears the cool features are to be the drop in calendar and drop in a map feature… and even add what temperature it was in the photo if you so desire.  Journal takes photo sharing to a whole new level with iCould.  Share your Journal on iCloud then share with friends and family to view in a web browser.

It appears pricing is as follows


  • 16GB $499
  • 32GB $599
  • 64GB $699

WiFi + 4G:

  • 16GB $629
  • 32GB $729
  • 64GB $829

Pre-order today the new iPad today at, available March 16th. For more information including release details here visit  Mashable or Apple

(images courtesy of Mashable)

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