Tarrytown Austin

The Tarrytown neighborhood is located in ZIP Code 78703 and is bordered by Lake Austin Boulevard on the south, Lake Austin on the west, West 35th Street on the north and Mopac Expressway on the east. Major roads in the area include Exposition Boulevard, Enfield Road and Windsor Road.

Tarrytown is most often defined as the area bounded by Enfield Road in the South, 35th Street in the North, MoPac Expressway in the East, and Lake Austin in the West. In addition to being a quiet neighborhood full of meticulously maintained homes, the neighborhood has several shopping outlets including Tarrytown Center and Casis Village, both of which feature local businesses. The neighborhood is also home to a few of Austin’s best-regarded schools, Casis Elementary and O. Henry Middle School.

A large part of the area’s appeal comes from its one of a kind location, sitting in a position mere minutes from the heart of downtown Austin. At the same time Tarrytown’s numerous architectural gems in these quiet and impeccably clean neighborhoods are generously surrounded by the lush foliage from old shade trees, giving off the feel of a secluded, peaceful sanctuary from the nearby urban cityscape.

Tarrytown caught the eye of the national media when Jeanne Daniels, a Houston, Texas resident and animal rights activist, inherited the shopping center and decided to eliminate any stores that sold meat or leather. This brought serious changes to the area as many local favorites went out of business, and engendered some seriously angry responses from locals. For example, the former Holiday House (a popular spot for hamburger lovers) was replaced by the all-vegetarian Nu Age Café, which has since closed. (Wikipedia.org)

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