20 Days Left – Energy and Nutrition

20 Days Left – Energy and Nutrition

Feb 15, 2012

So after a disappointing week of weight loss, I’ve determined that it wasn’t the amount of working out that I was doing or that I was cheating, it was that I wasn’t eating enough to support what I’m doing!  Apparently I should have known this because of the biggest loser, however, I guess I never paid attention.  My body went into survival mode and started storing anything I was eating because I was burning way more calories than I was bringing in.  Looks like weight loss is a tough balance.  I’ve hopefully corrected those mistakes, and am now back on track.  I will be monitoring my weight throughout the week again because I want to know before Monday morning if I’m messing up.

Today I had Ed come to my boxing workout and film a little bit of it so that I could add some video again because I think people want to see that.

After my workout, I had to run over to my friends house to bake a cake for the chili cookoff that I am working with on Thursday.  It’s a carrot cake, and I’m sure it will be delicious!  It was nice making it with all of the aroma, but I did not even so much as lick my finger to taste it!  I wasn’t even tempted.  I’ll get a photo of the finished product soon and let you know how I fare in the dessert competition on Thursday.  :)  I did sport an awesome apron while baking though!


Breakfast: Special Bread, Chicken, Almond Cheese

Snack: 8 oz of chicken and rolled oats

Lunch: Salmon and Tuna sushi w/out rice, chicken salad

Snack: Protein Shake

Dinner: Tuna Fish, Carrots, Tomatoes


A.M. – Boxing

P.M. – CorpFit Boot Camp


Stephen Smith

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I grew up in Georgetown, TX, just a stones throw away from Austin. I moved to Austin to attend UT and entered the real estate world as an intern in Horseshoe Bay in 2003. As I was performing different tasks around the office and for the agents, I quickly realized that I wanted to be an agent. Within a year of becoming licensed, I was managing the office, updating agents on the happenings in the real estate world and listing and selling homes! In 2006 I decided to buy a condo and move back to the great city of Austin where I was to continue working in real estate. Having worked for several top 25 companies in the area, I learned from many talented agents and decided it was time to get my Broker’s license and start my own company. As fortune may have it, I was college friends with Ed’s wife and we realized that we were very good at different parts of this business and that we complimented each other nicely. From this, a partnership was born. My goal is to bring honesty and logic to my clients during their home buying and selling process! When I am not helping a client or looking for smart, ethical agents to join our team, I enjoy serving the Austin Board of Realtors, being on the lake and networking! Most of the time, I like to combine at least 2 out of the previous 3!

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    Nice video, Ed! 

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