QR codes and the missing link

QR Codes are great.  They can get you from the physical world to the electronic world in a blink of the eye.  No more entering long URLs into your cell phone.  Just point, scan, and magically your phone is speeding it’s way to the digital info you are looking for.

With this great technology comes great opportunity, most of which, REALTORs we have missed.  Now that we don’t have to worry about nice looking URL’s we can send people to any site we want.  Some agents send clients to third party website.  That does little if anything to bring in a lead.  Others just send out free info, again with no possibility of getting a lead.  Check out this first video where I talk about part of the problem.

Lead capture does not have to cost you anything

What if we take a QR code for more photos of a listing, and redirect the user to an HTML form to capture leads and automatically send the user the info they requested.  I direct all my QR codes to a simple HTML form, once the customer fills in the required fields, they get forwarded to the info they want.

I simply create a way to follow up with the people who are requesting more info.  If they scan a QR code for more photos, then I know the house is something they are interested in and they may want to see the inside for themselves.  If I have captured their info, I can quickly follow up with them to see if they want a showing.

So how to do I make this work?

Hopefully by now you understand that QR codes can be a great way to generate leads, and not just a way to give free info.  If not, consider that using QR codes with out a lead capture system is like putting up for sale signs with no phone number.  It just does not make any sense.  QR codes are a golden opportunity to capture leads.

Examples of how this works.

  1. Build a flyer for your new listing, but only put one photo on it.
  2. Build an HTML form in wufoo that asks for name and email, have the form redirect to a URL with photos once it is filled out and submitted.
  3. Wufoo should automatically inform you that the form was filled out and now you have the clients info to follow up with.

Example #2 Graphics help some times

QR codes | How lead capture works with QR codes

 Interesting QR Code Links


 Scan or click the QR code to watch the how to video:

QR codes

How do you use QR codes? Do you think lead capture is a good thing. Leave your comment below.




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