Austin tops list as Recovery Capital of America

Austin tops list as Recovery Capital of America

Jun 30, 2010

“Looking for a place to take advantage of the recovery? Try Texas.

The Lone Star state’s major metro areas–Austin, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Houston and San Antonio–are all emerging from the recession better than their counterparts in many areas of the country. Austin is a government and tech center. Dallas and Ft. Worth get a boost from major corporate operations located there. Houston is a hub for the profitable oil industry and the U.S. military gives San Antonio a lift.”

According to an article on Austin is leading the way out of the recession.  This is something I have been telling people all a long.   The market in Austin is great.  There are jobs available to those who look and lines at Best Buy almost every day.   I personally stood inline for 3 hours for the new Iphone just last week.  Restaurants are crowed and it feels like the good times never left Austin.

The Brookings Metro Monitor report tracks how the 100 largest metro areas in the country are emerging from the Great Recession, based on historical data.   Austin is also on other Forbes lists.   #10 Best Place For Business and Careers, #2 Economic Growth Projected, #6 Net Migration, #2 for Job Growth, and #45 for Subprime Mortgages.  Things are looking good for Austin.  Moving to Austin is one of the best things I have ever done.  It was so good that I now help other move to the city.  If you are interested in moving to Austin check out our website and start your home search today.

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